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Consumer Receivables Financing - Installment Contracts

Carson Nash Funding provides Consumer Receivables Financing (Retail Installment Contracts) for businesses that sell products or services directly to consumers. We maximize cash flow, increase profits, and sales by purchasing and servicing consumer receivables retail installment contracts.

Our typical purchasing parameters for Installment Contracts are:

  • Contract Size: $500 to $10,000

  • Contract Term: 6 to 60 months

  • Credit Quality: A, B, and C
  • If your industry is not listed below and you carry or wish to carry consumer receivables contracts for your products or services, please contact us today or complete the Consumer Receivables Financing Application.

    Educational Products and Services
    • Business Opportunities and Seminars

    • Alternative Learning

    • Real Estate

    • College Funding and Planning Services

    • Therapeutic Massage

    • Nursing

    • Vocational and Trade Schools

      • Computer Certification

      • Dental Assistants

      • Truck Driving School

      • Heavy Equipment Training

      • HVAC

      • Culinary Arts

    • Infomercial Product Sales

    • Bulk Home Food Sales

    • Art and Sculpture

    • Discount Buyer’s Club

    • Vacuum and Air

    • Traditional and Antique Furniture

    • Water Treatment Systems

    • Alarm Systems

    • Jewelry Sales

    • Piano Sales

    Medical Devices and Services
    • Emergency Life Saving Devices

    • Body Scanning

    • Mobile Transportation/Scooters

    • Elective Surgeries (i.e. Plastic Surgery, Laser Hair Treatment, Stem Cell Treatments)

    • Dental Procedures

    • Radial Keratotomy

    • In-Vitro Fertilization

    • Orthodontal Procedures

    • Veterinary

    Recreational/Leisure and Travel 
    • Vacation Club Membership

    • Golf Club Membership

    • Resort Time Share Programs

    • Martial Arts

    • Campground Memberships

    • Health Clubs

    • Health and Fitness Equipment

    • Dating Services

    • Travel Clubs

    • Computers

    • Internet Access

    • Internet Appliances

    • Electronics

    • E-Commerce

    • Digital Photos

    • Web-Sites

    Call 470-275-6517 to discuss how Consumer Receivable Financing can increase your sales and profits and provide additional working capital for your business.

    You can also complete our online Consumer Receivables Financing Application to receive a free, no obligation Consumer Receivables Purchase Proposal.