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Accounts Receivable Factoring

Carson Nash Funding provides funding for Factoring Accounts Receivables for products shipped or services performed. Small to large businesses can be funded on their invoiced accounts receivables within 24 hours or less to provide working capital. Companies factoring their accounts receivables obtain working capital for operating expenses and increase their ability to expand their business. We provide factoring for Manufacturers, Business Services, Construction/Excavating, Contractors working on public works projects that are bonded, Employment Agencies, Distributors, Trucking, Machine Shops, Technology, and Suppliers. Contact us for immediate quotes.

Advances up to 95% of the invoice amount within 24 hours or less after an account is established. Rates as low as 1.5%, no minimums, no long term contracts.

Unlike a traditional loan, factoring does not add debt to your balance sheet, and there are no loans to repay. By selling (factoring) your accounts receivable to a factor rather than borrowing from a bank, you simply convert one asset (accounts receivable invoices) into another asset (cash). You can factor your accounts receivable with a factoring company to improve your cash flow or help to accelerate your growth. There are no lengthy applications or loan committees, and typically no financials or tax returns are required. Factoring can be short-term or part of an ongoing financing program. New companies can benefit as well, since there is no requirement for a long-term credit history.

Factoring is one of the oldest and most powerful cash flow and management tools available to businesses today. This is because the most important aspect of the transaction is not the credit-worthiness of your company; it's the credit worthiness of your customers, this is why factoring can help start up companies as well as seasoned companies. Factoring is a fast, easy and reliable financial transaction that allows you quick access to your working capital that is based on the financial soundness of your customers.

Call 470-275-6517 to discuss Factoring Acccounts Receivable for your business today.